ERAS Management Committee

Like any organisation there are finances to process, paperwork to fill out and basic decisions to be made. Here at ERAS we elect a Committee to undertake the basic administrative roles of the organisation.

At the AGM held in April 2019 the following ERAS members were elected to form the Committee for the next year.  Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 restrictions, we were unable to hold an AGM and elections in 2020, however the following existing Committee members have agreed to continue in their present roles until such time as an election can be held.

Committee Officers

  • Samantha Braham - Chair
  • Fiona Wilson - Vice Chair
  • Richard Coates - Secretary/Programme Secretary
  • Dave Evans - Editor
  • Colin Parr - Treasurer/Membership Secretary
  • Position Vacant - Website Officer
  • Michaela Stones - Field Studies Officer
  • Angela Fawcett - Marketing Officer

Ordinary Committee Members

  • Richard Lamb
  • Alison Spencer 
  • Andy Fergusson
  • Kate Dennett - Newsletter Editor