Virtual Lectures

During the winter months September to April, ERAS holds a series of lectures for members on the third Wednesday of every month commencing at 7:30pm at the University of Hull. These lectures however had to be suspended in March 2020 due to coronavirus.

As an alternative, we have worked with ERAS members and contributors to develop a programme of virtual lectures that commenced in October 2020.  At the request of members, we have agreed, with the presenter’s permission, and where the presentations have been pre-recorded, to add the following links to past presentations.

Now that Covid restrictions have been lifted our lecture programme has re-commenced at the University of Hull, but again at the request of members our lectures are now also livestreamed from the university lecture theatre exclusively to ERAS members via Teams.  The presentations have also been recorded and with the presenter's permission have been added to our video library below.


21st October 2020 – Dr Sam Griffiths -  CITIZAN North.

18th November 2020 - Dr Helen Fenwick – University of Hull.  Deserted Medieval villages – attempts to create a national online archive.

16th December 2020 – Dr Peter Halkon – University of Hull.  Live presentation - not recorded.

20th January 2021 - Tony Hunt - Drones in archaeology, some updates on the latest research. 

17th February 2021 - John Deverell - Entrenchmemnts, Boundaries and Routeways of the Late Bronze Age and Iron Age on the Southern Wolds of Yorkshire.

17th March 2021 - Rebecca Ellis - Live presentation - not recorded

21st April 2021 - Dr Adam Booth - Leeds University.  Working with Ground Penetrating Radar.

19th May 2021 - Dr James Gerrard - Live presentation - not recorded

11th June 2021 - Dr Sam Moorhead & Dr Andrew Brown - Live presentation - not recorded

20th October 2021 - Dr Justine Bayley - Non-Ferrous metal working in Roman Britain.

17th November 2021 - Chris Berendt - Chair Towton Battlefield Society - The Battle of Towton.  What we know and what we think we know.

15th December 2021 - Mike Haken - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Roman Roads in East Yorkshire.

19th january 2022 - Arran Johnson - Hearth and Homes – Excavations at Keldgate Manor, Beverley.

16th February 2022 - Shaun Richardson - Burton Constable Before Brown – The development of an East Yorkshire country house landscape to c.1750.

16th March 2022 - Alistair Cross - Eastfield Project, Scarborough – The continuing story of (Roman) archaeology at Eastfield, Scarborough.

20th April 2022 - Dr Lauren McIntyre - Oxford Archaeology.  Highway to Hull:  Preliminary findings from Hull Trinity Burial Ground.

 12st September 2022 - Peter Halkon – A Ring Fort, a Sanctuary, and a Roman Town in East Yorkshire

19th October 2022 - Nick Hodgson – Recent Discovery of the Baths at Wallsend Roman Fort and Recent Work on Other Roman Baths on Hadrian’s Wall

16th November 2022 - Ian Armit – A Later Bronze Age Migration into Britain – New Research. 

21 December 2022 - Peter Connelly, Humber Field Archaeology- Latest findings at the South Block House Project, Hull


18 January 2023 – Chris Hall - 75 Years of the Scarborough Archaeological and Historical Society.

15 February 2023 John Kenny - Community Archaeology in the Southern Vale of York

15 March 2023Alison Spencer (FFWAP) – Geophysical Surveys on the Yorkshire

19 April 2023 - Dr Melanie Giles - Bog Bodies - Face to Face with the Past - not uploaded due to copyright issues